Pet Transport - Expect the Best!

No Boarders Pet and Animal Care provides the very best in travel and transportation services for your animal loved ones! -- And this is exactly what they deserve! -- And what you should expect!

We take pride in ensuring that your pet is treated with great love, care, professionalism and attention to detail.

Traveling can be a very stressful experience for animals; but it does not have to be, and should not be a stressful experience, if handled properly.

Here is how No Boarders handles your pet's travel:

1 - We communicate with you (the owner) with extreme accuracy regarding your pet's needs and the specific details tied to the transport. We are effective, personable and have the utmost professionalism in communicating from the very beginning through the completion of this very important process.

*If you are nervous about your pet's travel, we will bring you to an ease of mind through our clarity in communication, our personal and professional approach, our attention to detail and our love of animals.

2 - We work diligently to ensure that your pet feels as comfortable and as much like they are at home as possible during the transport. Your pet will travel in a newer vehicle, will be on her/his blankets and bedding , will have their own toys and chewys, will be in a dedicated and roomy space, and will be kept safe and fed and walked regularly. They will have our attention, care, protection and love! If there is a need for an overnight stop, we will stay in a pet friendly hotel, and they will be able to sleep in the hotel bed, should they desire.

3 - We provide ongoing update texts with pictures and messages regarding the transport.

4 - We place our details into written format on a professional document for your review, clarification and signature.

5 - We have many options for your transport;

-- Transport from and to anywhere,

-- Move your car and pet together as part of a package,

-- Can provide accelerated travel, so your pet can benefit from

around-the-clock transportation with no overnight stays, but rather

a straight-through transport to their new home -- a one-of-a-kind

service offered by No Boarders and a great alternative to flying!

*Although we are extremely professional and operate with great attention to detail, we are personable and attempt to make this process as easy as possible for you and your pet. You are welcome to provide veterinary records for the travel, but we do not require any special visits to or documentation from your vet.

Please feel free to reach out to us at 724-219-7801 or use the contact form on our Pet Transport page and we can begin the process to plan, prepare and provide the best pet travel experience for your pet(s) or animal(s)!

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