What would happen to your pet if something happened to you?

The Pet Owner Emergency Management Service is here to help with precisely this concern...we are there when you can't be.

The Pet Owner EMS (Emergency Management Service) is a service provided by No Boarders Pet and Animal Care. Through this service, pet owners can register to have their pets or farm animals taken care of if an emergency or death should occur with their owner.

This service is extremely valuable, and goes beyond a simple wallet card. We step into action and coordinate the care of your pets when you can't. We work with the pet owner to carefully plan specific coordination details for contacting friends, family, local care takers or agencies (whomever the owner desires) to ensure that your pets or animals are safe and secure if something happens to you, the pet owner.

The Pet Owner EMS also can help with estate planning and coordination in the case of the pet owner's death.

We want to be there for your pets when you can't be. We want you to have peace of mind if something would happen to you. There is no need for worry - we will be there, for any needs that you may have for your pets in this time of need.

Visit us online at PetOwnerEMS.com.

The Pet Owner EMS...there when you can't be.

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