Your Pet, Your House - Secure

Your peace of mind is an absolute necessity when you are away, when you are a pet and home owner. If you have had an unprofessional experience with having your pet and home taken care of while you were away, you have first-hand experience with just how important this can be.

A pet and home sitter should not only be professional, loving and caring, but you should be able to rely on a professional to handle this important matter, and your professional should be bonded or carry liability insurance.

This insurance should be shared with you prior to you entering into an agreement to have your pet and house taken care of while you are away. Liability insurance is critical, as it not only covers the professional and business with servicing you, but it also covers concerns with your pet and your home. True liability insurance will cover any items that become missing within your home while you are away. This is an important distinction, as some pet and home owners have multiple persons entering their residence while away.

So, make sure that you have peace of mind, and that your pet is safe, healthy and happy, and your home remains secured by your newest business partner - who should be insured appropriately.

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