Shelter Pets

I have owned many animals in my life, including horses, donkeys, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, fish, cats and dogs. I have had so many positive experiences, love and affection from our pets and animals.

We recently cared for a pet that was formerly in the shelter. She was wonderful, kind and loving.

This reminded me of our own dog who we got from our local, no-kill, shelter on Black Fur-day several years ago. His name is Wonton, and he is a beautiful, mixed-breed, dog with long black hair. Wonton, his name given to him by the shelter workers, was approximately one and a half years old when we picked him up. We had been looking for a new dog to go along with our cat and other outdoor animals at the time, as our last dog had just passed. By chance, Wonton appeared to us in one of the outer cages. He was with a smaller dog, and Wonton was jumping and barking like crazy for us to see him. Upon visiting with him in the visiting room, Wonton was so nervous that he could not focus on us, but he kept going back to the door to see the shelter workers he had come to trust. I believe trust is huge with shelter pets.

We ended up choosing Wonton and took him home to meet our kids and other animals. The first few days, Wonton remained nervous and was scared of loud noises, the steps and any stick-like object; we could only imagine what his life had been like before we found each other. Wonton eventually calmed, and he has shown himself to be one of the most loving, affectionate, fun and intelligent animals that we have ever owned. Wonton has added to our lives with his constant companionship, love and wonderful, fun nature.

In my experience, shelter animals, time and time again, make wonderful pets - and often times, they make the saying come true, that "he rescued us".

If you find that you are in need of such a wonderful and dedicated friend, why not visit your local shelter and let a new friend into your life!

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