Grooming at Home - You do...shouldn't your pets?

No Boarders not only travels to your home or farm for visiting and caring for your pets and animals, but we also provide basic grooming -- and at our usual, professional, yet affordable, pricing. Depending on your pet or farm animal, we provide basic grooming services at a price that is 25 to 30 percent less than area traveling grooming servicers.

Why use No Boarders for basic grooming?

- We are professional, affordable and personalized;

- We travel to you;

- We handle this service while you are away - at work or on vacation;

- We do not take months to schedule this service - we can usually accommodate your needs within a short period of time;

- We will provide basic grooming - bathing, brushing hair and teeth. (we will clip nails for cooperative pets who are also easy to service with this need)

- We supply this service as an add on to our normal visitation and care servicing.

So, no need to wait, and no need to go out of your way with your pet, because we go out of our way to come to them!

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