Customer can order a camo bandanna with white print in one of three ways:  1-With a dog paw and the pet's name; 2-With cat paws and the pet's name; 3-With a custom, breed saying and picture and the pet's name.  We have included a sample bandanna with "Jada" printed on it as the name.  This one has the breed picture and saying "Feeling Bully".  Please see the pictures of Jada with her customized bandanna.

Custom Camo Bandanna with White Print

  • You can order a custom, camo bandanna with your pet's name.  The pet's name will be placed in the center of the bandanna.  You simply need to pick which bandanna you desire:  1-The dog paw; 2-The cat paws; 3-A custom breed with the breed picture and saying.  All orders are custom-made and will be shipped in approximately 10 to 20 days.