No Boarders Pet Services         Welcomes You!

Welcome to No Boarders Pet and Animal Care  

Who we are: 

We are animal lovers with many years of caring for pets and farm animals.  We are insured, bonded and licensed by the USDA to service your pet or animal friend at their home, farm or on the road.  Whether we service your pets or animals through a pet transport to your new home or provide care at your current home, we are professional, reliable, personalized, caring and attend to every detail.  We are a family run business, and we work to ensure that your pets and animals are treated like family!

Why we serve at your -- their home: 

We travel to your home or farm to care  for your animals, so they can stay where they are most comfortable.  Whether you need a once a day visit to feed and/or walk your pet, or to feed and service your farm friends, or you need multiple visits per day or multiple visits per day per week, we will travel to your location to address your needs.  There is no need for your pet to attempt to make it through a day without a visit, or without being able to have a mid-day walk and restroom break.  There is no need for you to board your pet or farm friend when you are away or on vacation.  Our services help them to stay cozy in their homes, without interruption to your and their lives.

*We can also provide transportation for your pet or animal, should

you be moving to a new home, anywhere in the world. 


What makes us different:

As stated above, we are professional, reliable and loving. 

- We are Professional -- We are not a bank of people who watch other people's pets.  We have background checks, are insured and bonded, have had our own farm animals and care for all animals with love and professionalism.  We are also confidential, and we do not share our clients' names and locations with anyone. 

- We are Reliable --  We are reliable with our services.   We understand the  importance of providing precise scheduling and follow through for your furry family members.


- We are Loving -- We care for all animals; whether a pet in your home, an animal on your farmette or farm or pets making a trip to a new home.


- We do it all - We have a comprehensive set of services, and if you don't see something listed in our services that you may need, simply ask, and we are sure to work it out with you.

Please visit our                               page to see how we can help,

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Our                             page to inquire about a service you need.  


Moving?  Have a pet? 

We can help!